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Planting ideas: Horsforth Climate Action's Open Gardens

Members of the Horsforth Climate Action Nature Group recently opened up their gardens to visitors as part of a nature-friendly gardens event.

Three gardens in Horsforth were open for viewing from 2 - 4pm on Sunday 23rd June, to give people a chance to find out more about wildlife-friendly gardening. Volunteers discussed topics such as wildflower meadows, bee-friendly plants, vegetable growing, composting, and wildlife-friendly ponds. Peat and chemical-free gardening, water conservation, and multi-layered planting were also highlighted as important features that support wildlife more generally

There were over 40 visitors to the gardens, with people keen to find out more about how to make their own outdoor spaces more wildlife friendly. Visitors' comments included “Beautiful garden, taken away loads of ideas”; "Lovely to see the combination of wildlife friendly, productive, and eco-friendly house - thanks for making your garden available to see”; and “Thanks for showing what can be done in a “normal” back garden!”

Hub worker Jenny Morgan said: "This was my first event as the new worker for Horsforth Climate Action. It was really interesting to speak to the visitors to the gardens, to find out what they thought of the green spaces, and to have the opportunity to tell them a bit more about HCA and the work we have been doing.

"It was also great to have the opportunity to see the amazing nature-friendly areas people had managed to achieve in their back gardens. It’s given me lots of ideas and inspiration for my own green space."

To find out more about how to make your garden or outdoor space more wildlife friendly, have a look at HCA's recent blog post on how to transform your garden into a wildlife haven.

Want to learn more or support Horsforth Climate Action's work? Head to their website or email


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