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Welcome to the Leeds Doughnut

Are you interested in how Leeds can become a thriving and safe place for everyone?


Download our summary of the very first Leeds Doughnut City Portrait.

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Check out our short illustrated film on the Leeds Doughnut

On 28th April 2022, Climate Action Leeds ran a 'Launch of the Leeds Doughnut' event to introduce the Doughnut Economics model and gatherpeople's thoughts on how they could use Doughnut Economics in their work and everyday life. 

We have included a video where attendees and speakers shared their reflections on the event and their thoughts on the Doughnut Economics model

We hope this will be useful in Leeds and beyond - for researchers, policy makers, politicians, social entrepreneurs, community activists and residents.

We have used the Doughnut approach to create a portrait of the state of Leeds right now.


The summary document summarises a longer more detailed report.

Doughnut Economics is a framework, developed by Kate Raworth, that introduces a new way of thinking which can help us tackle the complex local and global challenges ahead, together.

We see the Leeds Doughnut City Portrait as part of a bigger conversation about how we respond to climate change - how we protect nature, live a zero carbon way of life, and leave no one behind.

The Leeds Doughnut City Portrait is our first step towards creating a city plan that will enable us to create a zero carbon, nature friendly, socially just Leeds by the 2030s.

The Leeds Doughnut is a project of Climate Action Leeds, a National Lottery funded project promoting community led climate action. Additional funding to support this work has been generously provided by the University of Leeds.

The Doughnut approach is a way to think about how a place can meet its local aspirations while also living up to its global responsibilities.


This approach has been taken up by people all across the world, and is supported by the Doughnut Economics Action Lab.

Are you a business and interested in how you can use Doughnut Economics to transform your business model? 

Check out our latest session from the West Yorkshire Innovation Festival to find out more and get in touch to discuss how we could work together

Get in touch

Anzir Boodoo
City Plan Lead
anzir.boodoo [at]

Paul Chatterton
City Movement Building Lead
p.chatterton [at]

Jenni Brooks
Doughnut Economics Lead
jenni.brooks [at]

Andy Goldring
City Hub Lead
andyg [at]

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