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Our values and principles

Climate Action Leeds has a clear set of shared values and principles that guide our actions and decisions from the day-to-day to the long term.


We seek to put these core values into practice both within Climate Action Leeds and in our collaborations with partners. Putting our values into practice is something we are continually learning how to do better. This set of values and principles has evolved since the beginning of the project, with workshops for the people involved to deepen our shared understanding of what they mean in theory and in practice.


It is an ongoing process of learning and unlearning, listening to each other, reflecting together, and finding new ways to understand and act out our values together.

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Linking issues

ensuring climate solutions protect and enhance nature and ecosystems

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Social justice

ensuring climate solutions are socially just and meet people’s needs

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Emergency mode

acting with the priority and pace required to tackle the emergency

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Confronting power

telling the truth and challenging power where it blocks change

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recognising climate injustice and acting in solidarity with communities who are least responsible for climate change and who are experiencing impacts the most

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Movement building

build a movement that can bring people together, push back and challenge institutions and create change on common issues

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Prioritising safety

not supporting actions or ideas that may cause harm to others

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Power to the people

building power capacity amongst communities to act and develop their own solutions

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learning and receiving feedback openly, listening to voices too often ignored

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committing to being open, transparent and inclusive so everyone can participate

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Dismantling power

not reproducing power that exists in our society, but recognising that everyone has a role to play and giving power to those who have least