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Building climate justice: launch event with the Racial Justice Network

Climate Action Leeds climate justice supporting partners The Racial Justice Network are hosting a formal launch of their Race and Climate Justice Report on Tuesday 27th February.

Image from the Racial Justice Network


The participatory space is for imagining and building the climate justice movement of tomorrow, grounded in the principles of the 13th Recommendation. The event will feature educators and storytellers whose work embodies the aims of the 13th and share RJN’s belief in the importance of Internationalist perspectives in Race and Climate Justice.


During the event, hosts and attendees will be invites to consider the findings and recommendations of the report, explore the learnings contained for resilient and intentional local organising, and to celebrate each other and the community of climate justice campaigners.

Teas, coffees and a light vegan and nut-free meal will be served while the organisers will try their best to include allergy-friendly options.


The event will take place at All Hallows Church (24 Regent Terrace, Burley, Leeds LS6 1NP) from 5pm-7:30pm. Places can be booked by visiting the RSVP Link.


This report and the launch event are independent of Climate Action Leeds sharing learning and recommendations for the whole Climate Movement

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