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Wood you enjoy learning like this? Climate Action Seacroft supports forest school for kids

Skelton Woods in LS14 was a hive of family and nature-friendly activity during the school holidays.

Forest School leader Charlotte Ellis hosted four fun-filled educational sessions for local families, with over 50 children taking part through the week. The activities, all made possible with funding from Climate Action Seacroft, are specifically designed to support children to enjoy being outside, exploring, learning and interacting with each other & their carers.


All of the activities supported the children's holistic development, health and wellbeing.  Children (and adults) engaged in teamwork, skill building, and tried activities they had never experienced before, including den building, whittling, making bird feeders, creating nature art, bushcraft, and mud painting. Many families commented on how they were going to recreate activities and crafts at home, which is exactly what Seasons aims for: to inspire others to use nature connection in daily life.

Charlotte said: "My highlight was seeing children and carers alike embracing the mud! It's not often children get the opportunity to play with mud freely and they all had so much fun! The weather can be quite a worry for forest school businesses as it's not always easy coming outside when it's raining or cold, but learning to embrace the seasons and weather is all part of the package when you attend Seasons Forest School."

Charlotte set up Seasons during 2022, responding to a gap in local early years provision.  Services have since developed to include forest school activities and and nature-based wellbeing workshops. She said: "By connecting to the natural world and giving children fun experiences in nature, we are encouraging care for our planet and building a sustainable future for our children."

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