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Community hubs

The bedrock of Climate Action Leeds is the local community hubs.

Community climate hubs are based in eight areas across Leeds to facilitate community-led climate action within neighbourhoods.

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Each of the eight community hubs welcomes input, involvement and action from its local residents in order to help make changes for the better in their local areas.


Development work began at varying paces in the first four areas - Garforth, Seacroft, Beeston and Otley - around October 2020 and early 2021. The following four areas - Alwoodley, Armley, Little London and Horsforth - were identified and began development work around October 2021 and early 2022.

Hub locations have been selected carefully to reflect the diversity of different geographical communities in Leeds, for example; market towns, inner city, outer suburbs, and more.


In each area we are supporting residents to develop a local climate action group who will work with us to create their own community climate action plan, based on local priorities. 


The programme provides each local hub with budget for the activities agreed in their plan and the employment of a local hub worker for three years (two days per week) to support the group, hub and activities.


What are the community hubs?

The hubs may operate from a local building such as a community venue or shop front. They might be ‘pop up’ style and be at different locations on different days, or they might be online ‘virtual’ hubs.


Of particular importance in working with some communities is to identify the climate actions which also help to tackle the everyday problems and challenges they face, such as low-quality housing that is expensive to heat, poor transport links, insufficient green space and growing spaces, and low-nutrition processed foods.


In all communities it is important to start with the specific interests of the local group and develop from there.

They will be run by people living and/or working in the neighbourhood, who choose their own focus and agenda.


They will be supported by a part-time hub worker employed locally, to create a broad range of actions and changes across different scales, sectors, and types of activities.

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For more information about the hubs in general please email:


Your local hub

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Locations of the eight community climate action hubs in Leeds


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Our Future Beeston

For people who live or work in the Beeston area interested in reducing waste, creating more green spaces, reducing fuel bills, food security, warmer homes, better air quality, safer streets, composting, green energy, supporting your local economy... anything that could create a zero carbon, climate resilient, socially just and nature friendly Beeston.


Eco-friendly Garforth

Here to tackle the ongoing effects of global climate change, in and around our community. Come, join in and get involved in making Garforth...Eco-Friendly!

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Little London

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Otley 2030

Bringing the town together to create climate friendly and sustainable communities where people and nature flourish together.


Otley 2030 is a growing network of people finding ways to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 20% a year, adapt to our changing climate and live more sustainable lives.

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Climate Action Seacroft

Aiming to be genuinely resident-led, supported by local and citywide organisations, including LS14 Trust, Chapel FM, the library and others.

Its not about trying to do everything at once, their approach is; let's try things – work out what works and why – what doesn’t work and why – learn as we go and to set our own pace.

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