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Open space neighbourhood climate action networking event a success!

Updated: Jun 6

On a springtime evening, Tuesday 21st May at St George’s centre in Leeds, a climate action network meeting took place…

Hosted by Climate Action Leeds the event was well-attended with participants being welcomed with food and drinks, then invited to create their own agenda as part of the open-space format. Individuals posed questions they wished to discuss and became the hosts of those conversations, with other participants joining in to which conversations interested them the most.

Two rounds of conversations took place across the evening and participants had the opportunity to take part in as many conversations as they wished with plentiful opportunities to network and learn from others involved in similar climate action projects in their neighbourhoods.

Questions/discussion points raised included “How do we engage more people in our local community in climate action?”, “How do we inspire regenerative living?”, “How to start/run a low carbon housing/retrofit neighbourhood group?”, and “Exploring food production as adaptation/agriwilding in urban areas”. Hosts then got the opportunity to feedback to the whole group on key points that came out of their conversations.

These network meetings take place quarterly, please keep a check on Climate Action Leeds’ website and social media for the next one which will be a summer event.


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