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Job Opportunity: Transport Just Transition organiser

Could you be our next Just Transition 'Transport' Organiser? Leeds TIDAL are recruiting a 7-hour job share partner to join our current Transport Organiser to amplify and support community-led climate action. The overall objective of each of the Just Transition Sector leads is to build a network, shared vision and actions that foster solidarity between campaign groups and community-led networks. As the Transport Organiser you will be jointly responsible for organising two public events a year to bring together a network of actors across the city to engage in democratically defining what a Just Transition for the transport sector looks like for Leeds. This co-developed vision and priorities will feed into the programme’s City Plan - and support action at the neighbourhood and city level. We're looking for a strategic thinker who enjoys engaging with decision makers and professionals, with the confidence to hold them to account and influence the direction of change. Someone with an understanding of public transport and other sustainable transport options, who shares our vision for a transport system which prioritises the needs of the most marginalised in society. Closing date: 23rd March. For more information, visit the Leeds Tidal website.


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