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Climate Action Leeds Logo of 5 brightly coloured lines making up a square shape with the words Climate Action Leeds inside

together we can create a

zero carbon

nature friendly

socially just


by the 2030s

The world faces a climate emergency - at a local, national and global scale.

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The climate emergency demands urgent, transformative action.

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Leeds needs to change - let’s shape its future together

Our focus and activity

Climate Action Leeds is working for a zero carbon, nature friendly, socially just Leeds by the 2030s.

We are doing this by mobilising communities, campaign groups and different sectors to plan and act together.

dark grey icon of three stars shooting upwards

community hubs

Climate Action Leeds is supporting residents and groups in local areas to set up eight climate action hubs and develop neighbourhood climate action plans.

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sector and campaign support

Climate Action Leeds have partnered with groups on seven key themes. Building on the priorities identified by the Leeds Climate Change Citizen’s Jury, these themes are: Energy, Food, Housing, Nature, Transport, Work & Economy, and Youth & Education.


This work also focuses on climate justice and global solidarity.

dark grey icon of a circle with arrows going endlessly round within it

city movement building

Climate Action Leeds is working to build a movement of communities, public sector organisations, businesses, citizens and decision makers.


With a focus on city wide planning and strategy, this work helps forge connections across communities and the whole city to drive forward transformative change.  

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