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Find out how to make thinking globally and acting locally a reality in your own lives.

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Leeds International Donut Festival 10 to 18 November.

The climate crisis is rooted in a centuries old way of thinking designed by rich countries to justify taking land, resources and labour. Whether it’s the clothing trade, logging or making bricks our exploitative system continues today and has devastating results on the environment and wellbeing of people in the global south. Our broken way of doing things is not just about ‘other countries’ it also ruins people’s lives in the UK; research shows that people from culturally diverse communities are more likely to suffer from health conditions related to poor air quality.

Doughnut Economics gives us an alternative: an enlarged vision of connectivity, interrelationship and interdependency in which resources are distributed equally; human thriving replaces individualised wealth as the goal, and the earth, and its power and generosity are respected and nurtured.

It’s a big ask! But we are asking it. And you don’t need to know anything about economics, or even like doughnuts, to come and help us explore the answers. Come along to our Leeds International Donut Economics Festival from the 10 to 18 November to find out more, learn from people with lived experience of the issues, and listen to thinkers and dreamers telling a new story. Tell us your own stories, and your own dreams.

  • Find out how our colonial past and present is driving climate breakdown and social injustice. Explore ways to work with communities in Leeds and around the world to make change.

  • Learn about how a Universal Basic Income could release our creativity and energy to make a better world

  • Learn how ‘Loss and Damage’ for the countries most severely impacted by climate change, and Degrowth for the global north, can free us all from the yoke of unnecessary consumerism

Otley Doughnut event flyer
Download PDF • 480KB
Donut Festival Timetable Nov 2023
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