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Climate Action Leeds has a range of training and education opportunities available to wider movements across Leeds. Below is a form to help us understand what your training needs are - if you would like to request training from us please fill out the form and a member of our team will be in touch.


Our training is delivered by a variety of people - some are Climate Action Leeds staff, some are volunteers, and some represent partner organisations. We want to deliver training that will enable members of Climate Action Leeds and the wider social justice movement to meet our core goals: of creating a zero carbon, nature friendly, socially just Leeds by the 2030s.


We want to focus on delivering free training to voluntary, community, or low-income, like-minded organisations. If you are a well-funded organisation or a business, please make this clear on the form below - in this case we may ask for some payment.


Training opportunities that Climate Action Leeds can offer:

  • Climate Action Leeds induction course (4 sessions, two hours each - covers our programme, an introduction to climate justice, how social change happens, and working in good groups)

  • Introduction to climate change

  • Consensus decision-making, good group dynamics, working together

  • Building movement power (with a focus on the ladder of participation model)

  • Strategy and future planning

  • Retrofit and energy use

  • Building Resilience (a workshop focused on the priorities of group members in taking long term, strategic action on the climate crisis in relation to their own communities needs)


Which of the following areas do you feel would be relevant to your group?
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